work comp questions

What is the number of weeks for total and permanent disability?

Five hundred (500) weeks for permanent and total disability and lifetime medicals. However, if the claimant is totally and permanently disabled and is either a paraplegic, a quadriplegic, or has suffered physical brain damage, the claimant is entitled to lifetime benefits. S.C. Code Ann.
§ 42-9-10.

Also, if a claimant has an impairment to the back of 50% or more, he is presumed permanently and totally disabled; therefore, receiving 500 weeks of compensation. S.C. Code Ann. § 42-9-30 (19).

Permanent and total disability is typically paid in lump sum, in which case it must be reduced to the present value of the remaining weeks owed. However, in cases where lifetime benefits are awarded, the award cannot be paid in lump sum.