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With an estimated annual economic impact of $27 Billion, South Carolinas’ automatic industry is a large and vital contributor to our economy. Auto manufacturers have plans in South Carolina employing thousands of workers. Tire manufacturers and countless other automatic suppliers building pars and related products also own tribe to the automotive sector. While these companies provide good paying jobs, they also bring the dangers and safety challenges of any manufacturing plant.

Accidents & Injuries in Auto Manufacturing Plants

Automotive and tire plants are often dangerous work environments. Like most manufacturing facilities, these plants are full of large and fast-moving equipment. Many of the jobs are physically challenging and involve lifting or moving heavy parts. This can lead to very seriously injuries. Auto manufacturing and tire companies, like all employers, have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their workers. When a worker is hurt on-the-job, that worker is usually eligible for benefits through the workers’ comp system.

Who is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

One of the biggest misconceptions about workers’ compensation (often perpetuated by employers and management) is that certain injuries do not qualify for workers’ comp. Injuries where the workers’ own action contributed to the injury are often denied. The truth is, an employee injured at work will usually be eligible for work comp, regardless of who is at fault.

What Types of Benefits are Available to Injuries Auto Factory Workers?

Depending on the severity of the injury, there are different types of benefits that may be available to you. There are income benefits that meant to cover both total disability (where the employee is temporarily unable to work) as well as partial disability (where the employee is able to work, but not at their normal pay rate or hours). Medical benefits, prescription medication, and mileage reimbursement are also available.

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to any auto industry worker who has been injured on the job. The most important two things we want anyone who has been hurt at work to understand:

  1. We provide a free case review - You start by meeting with one of our attorneys and they will help you understand what benefits you are entitled to at no cost.
  2. You pay nothing until we win - There is no out of pocket cost for you to hire our actor yes to handle your work comp claim. We work to make the insurance company provide you the benefits you deserve, and then we are p[aid a percentage of the recovery we secure on your behalf at the end of your case. If you don’t win, you pay no fees.

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