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Brain Injury – a unique perspective

South Carolina Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Our experience with catastrophic brain injury cases began in 1991 when a family member was involved in a head-on collision. Even as a practicing attorney it was initially difficult to navigate all the problems that arose. We dealt with the Social Security Administration, long-term disability insurance, adjusters, doctors, rehabilitation nurses, various therapists, hospital billing and accounting staff, other lawyers, the Probate Court, and the Circuit Court among others. It was a grueling experience, and that was just as an uninjured family member. The physical and psychological injuries sustained by my sister were catastrophic and overwhelming. She was in a coma for seven weeks. Her recovery from that accident was so amazing and inspirational that a movie was made about it. (A Not So Still Life: Ginny Ruffner) But her recovery took years, and not every brain injury survivor is as fortunate.

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can have a far reaching impact on injured persons and their loved ones. The physical and emotional toll can sometimes be hard to see, but it is very real for those experiencing it. What may seem from an outsider's perspective to have been minor trauma can have severe results. Results that only the TBI survivor and family members fully appreciate. Only now has the medical community begun to understand the significant effects of concussions.

Issues involving the emotional and psychological effects, medical costs, disability, and loss of employment can be overwhelming. Since 1991, we have been involved in many brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other catastrophic cases. Each one has been different, but they all share many of the same issues. Finding a lawyer that is experienced with all the issues that arise in these tragic situations is imperative. Achieving a successful result from a litigation standpoint is only one part of the equation. We can help if you or a loved one has suffered one of these catastrophic injuries. Call us to schedule a free consultation.